Bob the Robber 3

Bob the Robber 3 Apk &  Unblocked

Bob the Robber 3 Apk is an online default package file format. Bob the Robber 3 is typical. In addition, Bob the Robber 3 Unblocked is available. Bob the Robber 3 is one of the popular games. It is one of the action games. Bob the Robber 3 is loved by millions from all over the world.


How to Play Bob the Robber 3

Robber Bob 3 game is played with arrow keys. You have to secretly take the documents inside the building and escape through the exit door.

There is a sign with green arrows above the exit door.

But your job is not easy. A security system and soldiers guard the building. You can neutralize unarmed soldiers by beating them. Play the robbers' three-game and get the papers hidden in the wall without getting caught by the cameras and armed soldiers. To not get captured by the cameras, you first come right under the camera while looking the other way. Then when the camera changes direction, you escape from the other side.

While walking around the building, you will come across locked doors. You have to open these doors by using the arrow keys. When unlocking; As soon as the moving part in the lock aligns with the grey part, you need to move the grey iron up.

In the upper left corner of the screen, the time remaining for you to finish the level appears. If you can't get out of the exit door within this time, the alarm will sound, and you will be caught. Play robber bob three by completing the given missions.