Deeeep io

About is another free io game that turns into an ocean. The main task is to rise in the food chain and dominate the sea; it is possible with You are about to start navigating as a human being.

How to Play

The main task that the game should be underwater is to stay, and it will be from the meals to be made when it needs to be reached from the patients. Your experience points will start to fill up for you to complete eating, and once you're full, your character will turn into a new orientation creature. Since it is a piece of favourite equipment in your oxygen, it cannot remain comprehensive in uses such as seagulls. Be of the same type among the best people to consider to play the game, it's a player choice for you, and it applies to fishing. Strategy

The controls are very lively, and you use your charge to give direction and accelerate for a short time. This is a handy feature to quarrel with your enemies or to save you. You should avoid these powerful enemies from the front because there are considerable differences in ability and strength among animals in the food chain. You can attack the strong player who shoots the potential user in the group. By collecting points in a healthy way, it will be easier for you to level up.