Miniroyale 2 io

MiniRoyale 2 io

MiniRoyale 2 is a battle royale game and the sequel to Mini Royale. It's a must-have game for the web, and you can play it without downloading.

MiniRoyale 2 will be used to be the last player to die. Control your parachute to land in the field and be armed and trained by others before going into battle. Follow your opponents on the map and work to avoid the game-winning ending. You can throw grenades, collect loot using drones, heal and use other bonuses to help you take advantage of other players.

How to play MiniRoyale 2

1. Choose your positioning on the map
2. Check your parachute in correct condition
3. Search every house, collect all the incoming and weapons
4. You can also shoot down the plane for the reward
5. A bombing attack will be triggered, and you must be quarantined and stay in the area
6. Be the last player to kill all enemies and save lives

You can break windows, throw grenades, shoot down the plane, use the tablet strategically! This one has 15 weapons, different weapons and inventory.