Muscle Race 3D

Muscle Race 3D Online Game & Mod 

You control the development champion that shaped the muscle racing 3d game and put it into the race on the platform. First, you develop the student's DAMB by collecting coloured EMBEs around. There is an energy scale with the athlete on the left. When the indicator is complete, all the athlete's muscles are developing, and they are ready to work on the platform.

Those who go through different stages, such as transportation to the racing platforms. It weakens and decreases as the athlete swims and drags the velar. When the athlete has no energy left, he can increase the energy of the surrounding dumbbells and revive them. The first athletes of the platform will compete. You collect points for everything you win until the end. You can improve your character in the SKIN section with the issues you order. In the following chapters, you can continue to play the 3d easy game with muscle games with powerful and advanced technologies.