Real Shooting Fps Strike

How to Play Real Shooting Fps Strike Unblocked Game

Actual Shooting Fps Strike is a realistic 3D FPS sniper game. Destroy all enemies as a commando by joining the battle to save the world. Try to survive in this game where we will have a great fight with terrorists on 30 different maps. New weapons, new modes are waiting for you. This fantastic new FPS game is for you to show your target shooting skills. You must survive each stage and destroy all the enemies in the section to advance to the next scene. You must have saved a certain amount of money to upgrade weapons in the following stages. You can crouch down and go on top of enemy shots to dodge and kill them. Killing enemies earns you points. You can use the WASD arrow keys to move. You can shoot with the left mouse button; you can zoom the enemy with the right button. You can press R to reload bullets, C to crouch, L to lock the cursor. We wish you a good time in the Real FPS Shooting game whose original name is Real Shooting Fps Strike.

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