Rotate Bridge 3D

How to Play Rotate Bridge 3D?

Rotate Bridge 3D - You are creating preparation for resetting the spinning road game with the mouse. The track has different horrors. If you are inside the ends of the bridge you have built, you will be burned. It's enough for you to collect your passes. As the bridge turns, it places it on the long road next to the people. In all vehicles on the track, you have to string it like a rope behind you in this way. When the bridge is falling from the circle of the people behind you when you are in the fixed ends, and you are side by side. You have to start over in the same section as you. You earn points when you complete the chapters. With these points, you can buy new and more extended bridges in the market section. You can play the rotating road game by having an adventure on a different track in each space. Mobile markets use the application, which is also called 3D, to have a good time.