Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Squid Squad Mission Revenge - Squid Game players have found weapons and are now making a revolt against the evil red tracksuit guards. Now you are invited to join the revolution in one of our newest online shooting games added to this category, heavily inspired by the Netflix show. Against all your fans!
Shoot the Red Guards and get your revenge!

With the mouse, you will fire your weapon towards the red guards with the masks with various geometric shapes on them, and you will have to shoot more or less depending on the character to take them down completely.

Either way, your number of shots is limited per level, so don't miss out on too much because you won't have enough ammo to eliminate your targets.

As you progress and keep completing levels, you'll be able to buy more powerful weapons, which is recommended as you get more enemies ahead and it gets harder to defeat them.

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